Why it’s important to treat yourself

If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that life can be pretttty hard sometimes.

And based on recent events, it is certainly uncertain.

A few weeks ago, I was presented with the never-ending challenge of juggling exams, assignments, work, and other adult-related responsibilities (like scrubbing the toilet, my fave!).

After busting my butt for quite some time, I felt like a little reward was in order. You know, just a small gift to myself that said, “Hey, you’re doing great, here’s a treat. Keep it up.” I mean, if we give animals treats for good behavior, why can’t we do the same for ourselves?

I dove in. I grabbed my book and laptop, put some stretchy pants on, got into my car, and headed out to the Grand Floridian Resort to fully indulge in some vegan Mickey waffles.

Yes, the girl who never craves sweets, dislikes dessert, and would rather eat 30 tacos than a slice of cake got herself some daaaaank Mickey waffles. Why? If you watch(ed) Parks and Recreation, or have ever been on the Internet, you know this phrase: Treat Yo Self.


This quote may not seem like it means very much, but I like to hold it to a higher standard. I’ve always been the type to worry about things way out of my control, mainly stressing out about stupid shit 89% of the time, and don’t always give myself enough credit for the things I actually do well.

Let’s take my schoolwork for example. Sure, I get it done on time and get good grades, but sometimes the satisfaction of a good GPA isn’t enough. And what can’t be satisfied by numbers and letter grades can definitely be satisfied with a little grubbin’.

Food is special to me. It’s something I used to treat with very little respect, but now it is sacred. It’s my go-to source of relief. It is my reminder that I’m alive, I can eat kickass food, and I can enjoy it how and when I want. It can be a short-lived experience, or, I can make a weekend out of it.

Treating yourself doesn’t need to take an entire day. It can simply take an hour, minute, or even 30 seconds. It can be a simple pause; a long, deep breath, or a quick Netflix break (if you have the ability to say no to a bingefest).

We don’t know what’s going to happen today, tomorrow, or the next. It’s great to focus on the future and all the good you intend to do, but make sure you intend to do good things today, too.

Our brains and bodies are constantly working, working, working. We need to be able to give ourselves a break every now and then to remind ourselves that we are doing fine, and it’s totally OK to kick back and indulge in what makes us happy.

So, eat that pizza. Order the guac if it’s extra. Get in your car and drive to a new city. Make an appointment for a massage. Sit in silence. Surround yourself at a party. Draw. Sing. Paint. Rest. Run. Unwind.

Make time for yourself. The hustle is hard, people.

Treat yourself accordingly.




photo by Laur Fernandez Photography

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