“Who Moved My Cheese?”

I recently read this book called Who Moved My Cheese? And when I say recent, I literally mean I read it on Monday. Lolz.

My mom gave me the book while she was cleaning out her bookshelf one day, as all good mothers do. It’s a teeny, tiny white book that seemed like it wouldn’t really do much for me considering it’s less than 100 pages, but boy was I wrong.

While I found myself having more spare time than I’m comfortable with, I decided to give this book a shot. I got in full reading mode: string lights and bedside lamp on, a huuuuge stack of pillows to support my old lady back and neck, and my super soft owl blanket that my grandma made me. Ahhh, I love my reading setup.

I will admit, the beginning of the book is prettttty cheesy (no pun intended), but once you push through, you get to the actual premise of the story, and see the true value of it.


Who Moved My Cheese? is the story of two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and two Littlepeople, Hem and Haw. They all live in a maze and venture out into the maze on a daily quest for cheese. One day, they stumble upon a giant ass block of cheese, and assume their days of searching are long over. Hem and Haw decide to live closer to the block of cheese, and get comfortable with their new living situation. Sniff and Scurry think this life is too good to be true, and venture back out into the maze for a new opportunity to stumble upon another block of cheese.

I’m sure by now you’re thinking, “OK, they really like cheese. Get to the fucking point.”

Sit tight, honey! I’m just getting to the good part!

Hem and Haw, as mentioned previously, decide to stay within close proximity of the cheese, but fail to realize that with each passing day more and more of the cheese block disappears, until one day, there is no cheese at all. They’re hungry, weak, and desperate for cheese. Hem refuses to go back out and look for more cheese, but Haw knows this isn’t the end. He knows damn well there’s more cheese out in the maze, he just has to stop being a lazy fucker and go look for it!

So, off he goes, leaving stubborn, whiney-ass Hem behind. Byeeeeee!

Haw isn’t having an easy time. He considers turning around to a place where he doesn’t have to put in much effort, but he knows his life won’t progress if he goes back to his old way of life. He laughs at himself for his foolishness, realizing he is the only thing holding him back. He ties his sneakers a little tighter, and pushes on.

Eventually, Haw reaches the holy land of cheese, and is greeted by Sniff and Scurry. Hooray!

Basically, what the book is telling readers is that change, whether welcome or not, should be embraced. Without change, life would be pretty fucking boring.

Are you comfortable with your current life situation? Well, don’t be. Seriously, don’t. Be prepared for any sort of change, big or small, to come your way. Be it a promotion, new relationship, new hobby, or even a new route for your daily commute to work.

Anticipate change. And when it comes, handle it with so much grace and badassery that you’re like, “Damn, I’m really doing this shit.” Yeah, you are.

Sometimes I get too comfortable with where my life is, but almost on cue, I get bored. So I do things. I write, I try out new workouts, I make friends, I read, I watch movies, I travel, I order something different off a menu.

Don’t be a lazy fucker. Look for new opportunities and grab life by the balls. And hey, you might even stumble upon some pretty good cheese.


photo by Laur Fernandez Photography

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  1. Wonderful post, I’m a little surprised too with the book example you shared…maybe I’ll just envision vegan cheese instead ;).

    Anyway, I think a HUGE part of a healthy eating lifestyle is to vary your meals…for breakfast, I’ll try and add different berries or natural sweeteners (like maple syrup) to my peanut butter (or almond butter) and rice cakes. And for cereal, I’ll switch it from Cherrios, to Mesa Sunrise, to Nature’s Path and use different alternative milk products like almond, cashew and coconut milk, along with topping Vega protein powder (there are different kinds of flavors). For lunch and dinner, I’ll go to the grocery store and find sales on different kinds of produce each week..,which kind of forces me to try different kinds of produce as I’m living on my own, lol. As a lover of red wine, I’m willing to try any kind from any country; to me, it all tastes great.

    By the way, are you a huge supporter of Vega products?

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