New Year’s Irresolution

‘Tis the season for stuffed turkey asses on the table and super passive aggressive politically related comments towards family members! Oh, the most wonderful time!

All kidding aside, I love the holiday season. The sight of beautifully and uniquely decorated Christmas trees, the soothing scent of peppermint, and the warm, snuggly feeling of a giant oversized turtleneck sweater. What more could you want?

Apparently, more, since it’s also this time of year where people start devising a list of resolutions they’d like to complete in the upcoming new year. Normally, I love a good new years resolution, but this year, I don’t really have much I’d like to resolve. There are definitely things I want to improve on, things I want to do differently, and new things I want to try.

One thing that I really, really wanted to do in the upcoming year was land an internship. My luck has proved to be almost inexistent thus far, but that hasn’t really brought me down or pushed me to give up. If anything, it propels me to do something better, differently, and new. And even though I don’t have it all completely figured out, that is OK, too.

New year’s resolutions usually imply that you have to complete the resolution by a certain time, or else you’ll risk feeling like shit if you fail, and that’s no way to launch into the new year. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we imagine them to play out. Life can throw some serious curveballs that’ll make you do a triple take while your mouth gapes open in disbelief.

It’s cool, it’s fine, everything is fine.

Everybody slips up and fucks up every now and then. It’s normal. It’s called being human. Is life as we know it going to cease to exist because you didn’t follow through with all of your resolutions? Absolutely not. Don’t be so hard on yourself, especially when you’re trying to grow.

Take a look at me, for example. I’m going to be graduating college in about 5 months, and I’m still figuring shit out. I thought for sure I would be able to continue to intern throughout school and get a job right out of college, but that resolution doesn’t look like it’s going to be the one for me. And you know what, I’m very much OK with it.

Decisions leave little room for flexibility or any sort of editing to what’s been resolved. There isn’t much for me to resolve, really, because I can change my mind at any given moment. Why settle on one decision, when I am constantly growing and being challenged to go off course?

This upcoming New Year, I urge you to make 0 resolutions. Call me crazy. Whatever. My mom calls me that at least 3 times a day.

Seriously, though: 0 resolutions. Don’t make decisions for things that haven’t happened yet. Let life just happen as it does and make improvements, adjustments, and memories as you go along.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the year a whole lot more when you’re able to focus on everything going on around you, rather than just the one thing you set out to do.


Happy Holidays, Bitches! xx

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