GLAM Vegan

I thought I had eaten all the vegan goodies in New York that I could handle, but I somehow proved myself wrong. That’s right, MORE. VEGAN. GOODIES. And you know how much mama loves her goodies.

Upon arriving from New York, I was in Miami for a hot minute and got the chance to check out GLAM Vegan, a new, hip, happenin’ restaurant showcasing a menu guaranteed to knock your socks off. I loved them from the start for their dark purple accents (my favorite color), gold silverware, and the fact that GLAM stands for Green Living Animals Matter. Damnnnn right they do! GLAM offers healthy, hearty dishes with flavors for all kinds of palates, without skimping on aesthetics.

Take a look at what I got to munch on:





















I started off the with the Jackfruit Taco Al Pastor. As my good friend Lauren says, “Holy guacamole, Batman.” This taco did not disappoint. It was hot, fresh, fiery, and the spicy tofu crema blew me away. I only ate one of these bad boys, but I definitely could have eaten 20.


Pizzas and flatbreads are two things I wish came more easily for vegans. But, worry no more! This Verde Flatbread satisfied my intense cravings beyond measure. The kale-pistachio pesto spread was probably some of the best pesto I’ve had in a while. Topped with cashew ricotta, broccolini, and brussel sprouts, this mean, green flatbread machine is definitely one to try out.


Who says you have to stick to one entree? Make that person shut up by sticking a fork of this Farro Risotto in their mouths, and watch them completely melt over how delicious this is. I mean, look at that mushroom! Hot damn, this risotto was killer. The cashew cream would have you second guessing if it was vegan or not. It was so rich, so creamy, and so divine. I loved this dish.


I’ve mentioned a few times here on TVB that I’m not one for sweets. But sometimes, you just gotta f*ck it, and go for the kill. So, I tied my hair back, unbuttoned my jeans for some extra space, and dove into this Ube Pie. Made with purple sweet potato, crushed ginger snaps, and agave, this pie was not as sweet as I was expecting, which honestly, I was a huge fan of. The tart blackberry added a perfect balance of fresh sweetness, making this one of my all-time favorite desserts.

If you find yourself in Miami, take a break from the heatstroke-inducing weather and check out GLAM. Bring your stretchy shorts and your friends, you’re gonna want to feast!



Special thanks to my mom who helped me eat my weight in cashew cream deliciousness at GLAM. Love you, bitch xoxo

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