Hi, I’m Nathalia! Better known as That Vegan Bitch.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have so much to share with you all about the magic that is veganism.

Before becoming a vegan myself, I came from a bad relationship with food. I was always restricting myself and just couldn’t figure out how to be healthy, even though I thought I was eating my healthiest. That’s why I wanted to start this blog: to show people the difference between dieting and a healthy lifestyle.

Since becoming vegan, I have felt nothing but pure energy and desire to get more out of life. I want to scream from the mountain tops about how good it feels eating as much as I want whenever I want. But instead I’ll just write to you how I feel (fuckin’ amaaazing).

I feel better than I’ve ever felt before. I eat in abundance and never limit myself because FUCK THAT. 

I want you all to see how EASY this way of life is. No, it doesn’t suck. No, it’s not expensive. And no, I’m NOT starving because I only eat salads. Lol.

Coming into this lifestyle it’s easy to think that you’re giving up so much, when in reality it’s all about what you GAIN: energy, happiness, a lust for life, compassion, health, longevity, improved skin, hair, a better body, appreciation for those around you, AMAAAAAAZING food, and it goes on and on.

There is so much more to being vegan than just what you eat. It’s a complete change in lifestyle, and for some that’s not an easy thing to do. So, that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help you see the incredible potential that comes with a vegan lifestyle. I’m here to help you see that living a compassionate life beats ANY hamburger or mozzarella stick.

Consuming animal products isn’t healthy, it isn’t ethical (I don’t care how “humane” your meat is), and it isn’t fair to our planet. I am proud to say that I am vegan for my health, the animals, and the environment. I hope that by following this blog you will become more aware of the issues surrounding the Western diet and take away as much information (and sassiness) as you can with each post you read.

Who says we can’t give learning some sugar and spice? 

To learn more about me and my vegan lifestyle, make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my posts for updates! If you ever have any ideas you want to share or topics you want me to cover, don’t hesitate to email me at info@thatveganbitch.com.

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.” – Charles Darwin

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