A word on body confidence

After being on vacation for what will never feel like long enough, I’m back to the real world. Oh, how I miss you, Baha.

Spending a week under the sun in a bikini for 8 days was the perfect way to get away from my responsibilities. I tanned, drank, tanned some more, drank a liiiittle more, and swam with some piggies and sharks. It was the escape I needed.

Before embarking on my adventure, I spent a prettttty decent amount of time at the gym. Why? Bikini body, duh!

I’ve been very blessed in life to have a fairly fast metabolism, and following a vegan diet has helped me remain trim and lean for a long period of time. Even on days where I feel like I’m eating poorly, I never feel greasy or slowed down from my food. But at the same time, I’m hit with a wave of guilt and feel the immediate need to “burn off” all the junk I just ate.

I know everyone’s felt like this once or twice, but each time I feel this way I feel like my old self; always worried about what I put in my body and how I could quickly erase any potential “damage.”

Old habits die hard, but they’re old habits for reason. They have no place in the present. You didn’t just spend all that time evolving, growing, and becoming who you’re supposed to be only to regress into your old self. No way, Jose.

Recently, body image has come to be kind of a popular topic, and the way the world looks at body image is certainly changing. Personally, I’m a huge fan of it. Self-love is a huge part of my mantra, and the fact that it’s becoming a universal thing is really inspiring.

Still, though, I see men and women comparing themselves to others.

“Ugh, her stomach is so long and flat, why can’t I have that?”

“Man, I need to amp up my workouts to look like him.”

Listen carefully when I say f*ck that noise.

If we looked like the people we wanted to look like, then the world would be workin’ with a pretty small variety. You are the only you in the entire world, so why not embrace it? Wouldn’t it be way better to actually be yourself, flaws and all, than to spend your life covering yourself up and trying to be a totally different person?

Life is way too fucking short to worry about getting the perfect body. Life is also way too short to worry about people who don’t worry about you or what you look like. Live life on your own terms.

Exercise as often as you want, not as much as your fitspo Instagram account tells you to. Eat the (vegan) food that you want, not what some other vegan is eating. Wear the clothes you want and will make you feel good. Have hobbies that make you happy. Hang out with people who lift you up emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Take care of yourself the way you want to be taken care of.

And love every little part of you so that other people will feel that love, too.


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